FW’s Anti-Gift Guide

Complete with gifts that will contribute to something more positive than landfill.

By Emily J. Brooks


Complete with gifts that will contribute to something more positive than landfill.

By Emily J. Brooks

If you haven’t written a Marie Kondo pun, did you even do 2019? We have officially reached peak stuff and reducing the amount in our lives is now a priority. Yet as Christmas approaches, our homes fill up with more gifts to pass on to loved ones out of pure obligation. So if you don’t want to contribute to more landfill or have simply failed to buy gifts in time, here is our anti-gift guide. Complete with gifts that will contribute to something more positive than landfill.

Recommended by Helen McCabe, Founder

A Membership To Their Local Art Gallery

The art appreciator in your life will use a membership to the local art gallery more than that novelty gift that is funny for five minutes. In Sydney, a membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art is $75 for individuals or $160 for a family. In Adelaide, an individual membership at the Art Gallery of SA sets you back $80 and in Melbourne, an individual membership to the National Gallery of Victoria costs $110.

Image Credit: Instagram @mca_australia
Recommended by Emily Brooks, Editor

A Subscription To A Reliable News Source

Instead of wrapping up another handcream, why not help a family member stay informed and gift them a subscription to a trusted news publication. Maybe it’s The New Yorker (currently half-price at $49.99 for 12 months) or The New York Times (currently on sale at $75 for 12 months). Added benefit: it supports quality journalism.

Image Credit: Instagram @newyorkermag
Recommended by Dani Pinkus, Brand and Partnerships Director

A Festival Of Their Choice

Whether they love food and music or great debate, there’s no shortage of festivals to gift to loved ones. Maybe it’s a ticket to Dark Mofo in Tasmania (starting from $99) or a pass to All About Women in Sydney (tickets start from $33 a session).

Image Credit: All About Women
Recommended by Patti Andrews, Creative Director

A Donation To A Cause In Need

You know that person who has everything? Well, they really do. Why not give them the gift of helping others and donate the funds to a cause in need. If they’re in New South Wales, perhaps donate to the Rural Fire Service.

Image Credit: Instagram @nswrfs
Recommended by Becky Hansen, Community Manager

A Membership To Clear The Head

Money can’t buy time, but it can buy clarity. Purchase a 12-month Headspace subscription ($69) for that overworked relative who has been talking about doing a meditation course for the last three Christmas lunches.

Image Credit: Instagram @headspace
Recommended by Kate Neroni, Head of Operations

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Avoid that salted-caramel scented candle, and buy someone a Future Women membership this holiday season. We recommend an annual Gold Membership ($248) if they can attend events in Sydney or Melbourne, otherwise an annual Red Membership ($48) for online access. If they’re wanting to make new connections, grow professionally or give back to other women, Future Women is the community for them.

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