Connect with expert mentors and an advisory board of like-minded women to solve a professional challenge


Group mentoring is a valuable 90 minute session offered to our Diamond, Career Booster, Platinum+ Emerging Leader memberships. In these mentoring sessions, you have the opportunity to put forward a career challenge to the group.


Recognising the value of your time, we have carefully crafted these sessions to be impactful within a 90 minute timeframe. We emphasise the importance of active participation from mentees, not just mentors, encouraging you to engage in discussions and learn from fellow members.

Following the session, you will have the opportunity to connect with other attendees, fostering further networking and collaboration among members.

Upon registration, we kindly request that you mark your calendar and commit to attending the session, as last-minute cancellations can cause disruptions.

Interested in becoming an FW member?

The supportive and encouraging environment (of small group mentoring) gave me my confidence back. It enabled me to pursue my goals and land the role I was aiming for.”