8 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

We know you love a good recommendation, so each week we're bringing you our favorite things - be that must-reads, TV shows, tools or products.

By Emily J. Brooks


We know you love a good recommendation, so each week we're bringing you our favorite things - be that must-reads, TV shows, tools or products.

By Emily J. Brooks

Feel like you’ve already watched everything on Netflix, or just looking for a new book to read? Look no further. Our FW team has revealed what they’re loving right now. Get ready to find your new favourite thing.

Helen McCabe, Founding Director

Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold

“I watched two Netflix documentaries on the weekend: one on Whitney Houston, one on Joan Didion. Both were fascinating but I found Joan Didion’s life slightly easier to relate to. Whitney Houston’s god-given talent was impossible to fathom and almost a burden, whereas the writer in Joan Didion was more relatable. She wasn’t publicly recognised until she was older, which happens to many women. She also had terrible setbacks beyond her control. It was incredible.”

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-at-large

Animal: The autobiography of a female body by Sarah Pascoe

“It’s warm and funny just like she is and makes the science of evolution and sex both fascinating and understandable (including for someone who stopped studying the subject in grade 10). I love the way she speaks about her feminism. It isn’t worthy or instructive but kind and generous. Sarah wants to learn and is open to debate and discussion. She writes in a way that puts the reader in a similar frame of mind.”

Emily Brooks, Editor

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harris

“I am doing it a bit backwards and reading Yuval Noah Harari’s third book, first. He tackles all the big issues of the present time, and has this natural ability of making sense of the issues that seem insurmountable. Interesting takeaway for women: AI could cause unpaid work (raising children, doing housework) to finally be paid. Hurrah!”

Danielle Pinkus, Content Director


“I’m all about streamlining my life at the moment, so I’ve been devouring this free course on my commute home from the office. It teaches you how the brain uses two different modes to learn and remember information, how to make the best use of your time and how to tackle procrastination.”

Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Demons by Emma Davis

“This album captures a lot of feelings including writer’s block, break-ups and anxiety. Through all of this it still has a lightness, making it perfect for that walk to work or an impromptu road trip. Emma’s clips are a super lovely glimpse of life.”

Becky Hansen, Community manager

Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Hand and Body Lotion

“No need to read the label too closely, just take a moment to relax and enjoy the delicious peppermint smell. Best applied directly after lunch to curb those pesky sugar cravings, it will help you sail through to the end of the day.”

Angela Ledgerwood, New York Contributor


“Cue the synthesizer and the spandex. Watch the second season of the Netflix series Glow – What could be better than witnessing a bunch of fierce and foxy women (also ’80s Hollywood misfits) master the art of wrestling–and of life– led by charismatic actor Alison Brie? I liked the first season a lot but the second takes it to a new level. The creators of the show directly responded to the Weinstein scandal and what resulted is smart, shocking and gripping. When I finished the series I texted all of my favorite women and urged them to watch it pronto!”

Sophie Hunter, Designer

Kea Leopard Print Heels, By Bared Footwear

“Heels and I do not mix well, but I am loving these! They are designed by a podiatrist and provide hidden support. Your feet will be happy instead of crying out in pain and they are so cute. Bared Footwear’s online customer support is so good. If you don’t know what size you are, they can send out 2 sizes and they pay for return postage for the pair that don’t fit.”

Main image credit: Stephan Zirwes