8 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

From Wes Anderson-inspired hair clips, to the hit new series everyone's talking about, here's what we're loving right now.

By Lara Robertson


From Wes Anderson-inspired hair clips, to the hit new series everyone's talking about, here's what we're loving right now.

By Lara Robertson

In the FW office we’re celebrating the little things that bring us joy, like the perfect pair of headphones or a song we keep catching ourselves humming along to. In other words, what we talk about on Monday morning when we’re making our tea in the staff kitchen. Here, we’ve gathered what we’re loving right now. Get ready to find your new favourite thing.

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-At-Large

Tocco Toscano Aimee Tote

“My husband thoughtfully gifted me the Aimee Tote for my birthday and when I say thoughtfully, I mean that I told him what to purchase, sent him the link and then stood over his shoulder while he bought it. It’s the best handbag I’ve ever owned. Great colour, lightweight, a place for everything and inserts for different occasions (work, social, out-with-the-kid) so I don’t end up straining under the weight of too much stuff. You can pre-order for May delivery now and spend far too long considering colour options.”

Aimee Work Bundle, Tocco Toscano, $369

Kate Neroni, Chief of Operations

Mercedes Benz X-Class V6 Ute

“Last week I got to test drive the Mercedes Benz X-Class V6 Ute. The car is perfect for the urban adventurer wanting to chuck their surfboards in the back and hit the road for the weekend. Which is exactly what we did. I never imagined I’d be adding a ute to my wish list, but the X-Class’ functionality and premium design has changed my perceptions of the car.”

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Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Tortoise Shell Hair Clips

“I’m LOVING FW Member, Kelsey McCormick’s side hustle on Etsy. Strong Margot Tenenbaum vibes here.”
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Tortoise Shell Hair Clips, Miss Lippy, $25


Angela Ledgerwood, Senior Writer


“Being dismissed as a ‘millennial dumpling’ is the least of Annie’s worries. She’s hustling to get noticed in the office and on the personal front, she’s only a little concerned the guy she’s hooking up with keeps asking her to leave through the back door so his roommates won’t see her. This six-part series is an adaption of Lindy West’s 2016 book, ‘Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman’ and stars the brilliant Aidy Bryant, of Saturday Night Live fame, as Annie. It’s being hailed the new (more likable) GIRLS, and no wonder. The show has the same amazing Aussie editor Kate Hickey, so watch this space. And watch this show.”

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Emily Brooks, Editor

BeoPlay H7 Bluetooth Headphones

“It’s taken me about two years to get on the Headphone Train, but I’m finally on board and never getting off. I bought these Bang & Olufsen headphones in a sale God must have put on a few weeks ago, and now they’re permanently hanging around my neck.”

BeoPlay H7 Bluetooth Headphones, Myer, $349

Becky Hansen, Community Manager

BeGutsy Collagen Glow Blend

“Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and supports skin elasticity and gut health (amongst many, many other things). This is the easiest collagen/gelatin powder I’ve tried using, I simply add a teaspoon to my green tea each day and don’t even notice it. BeGutsy is an Aussie company that uses only quality grass fed and finished cattle in its products, so there’s no fillers or other nasties.”

BeGutsy Glow Collagen Blend, $19.95

Sophie Hunter, Designer

'Johnny Run Away' by Tones and I

“This new song gets me bopping around our home every time. Loving the unique vocals and beats. Totally on high rotation right now. Tones was discovered busking, and I can’t wait to hear what she brings out this year. Keep an ear out…”

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Lara Robertson, Writer

'True Stories' by Helen Garner

“I’m so glad I persisted with Helen Garner. Despite not taking a shine to her debut novel Monkey Grip and Stories, her recent collection of short fiction, I picked up this gigantic tome thinking I might prefer her non-fiction. And I was right! True Stories is full of gems. In that clear and piercing way of hers,  Garner turns her magnifying eye on her own life, writing on a range of topics from her family, to sex education in Australia, to visiting a morgue. An entertaining read that I’m sure I will find myself returning to time and time again.”

True Stories, Book Depository, $31.64