7 Things FW Is Loving Right Now

From Hey Tiger chocolate to simple running accessories, here's what we're loving right now.

By Angela Ledgerwood


From Hey Tiger chocolate to simple running accessories, here's what we're loving right now.

By Angela Ledgerwood

There are always heated debates in the FW office. Are Hey Tiger’s chocolate balls better than their hot cross bun bars? Is Creative Director Patti Andrews a “stomping style” runner or not? While the rest of the country argues over the projected Budget surplus and state of federal politics (don’t worry, we do that too), we’re taking time out to share some of the sweeter stuff of life. Here’s what we’re loving this week.

Jamila Rizvi, Editor-at-Large

The Party Room

“The Party Room is my absolute favourite Aussie political podcast, and being a tragic audio-fiend and Canberra-obsessive – that’s saying something. Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas combine smarts, experience, insight and great banter to give you the skinny each week on what’s going on in the corridors of power. With an election called, you want them in your rotation.” 

The Party Room

Ali McNamee, Business Development Manager

Rationale Skincare

“I joined the Rationale skincare cult as part of my pre-wedding regime, and can confidently say there’s no going back. I’m hooked on their ‘Essential Six’ that work together to repair and protect sun damage and restore radiance. I love double cleansing with the milky, non-foaming Proceramide Cleanser in the evenings (it also smells like candy). Rationale is an investment, but my skin has never been clearer so it’s something I’m happy to splurge on at the moment.” 

Rationale, Proceramide Cleanser, $96

Dani Pinkus, Content Director

Hey Tiger Happy Hoppin' Milk Chocolate Eggs

“Hey Tiger is owned by a charitable trust and is partnered with The Hunger Project to fund their work with cocoa farming communities in Ghana. CEO, Cyan Ta’eed, does not take a salary and donates a minimum of 50c per full size bar and 25c per mini bar to The Hunger Project Ghana to fund their work.” 

Hey Tiger Happy Hoppin’ Milk Chocolate Eggs, $14

Angela Ledgerwood, Senior Writer

Artist Louise Bourgeois

“Yes, this is what you think it is. It’s the late French-American artist Louise Bourgeois cheekily cradling a giant man-package – one of her own iconic sculptures. I discovered Bourgeois by accident when admission to a retrospective of her work in Berlin was included in a museum ticket combo deal. Now, almost a decade later, happening upon her work – faceless upholstered bodies, haunting dinosaur-sized spiders, and importantly, her blatantly phallic sculptures – is all I can remember clearly. There’s a lot to unpack in her psychologically charged work and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Fun fact: she only became widely recognised in her 70s and worked constantly until she died in 2010 at age 98. If you want to go on the fascinating ride that is Louise Bourgeois, I’d suggest starting with two books: Louise Bourgeois edited by Frances Morris and A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women by Siri Hustvedt (an incredible compilation of essays about a range of topics including hysteria, memory and Bourgeois). I’m also always available to chat about her at any time.”

Patti Andrews, Creative Director

Running Accessories

“If you didn’t tell anyone about your exercise, did it really happen? I am currently loving running. I also keep track of my steps on the Health app (comes preloaded on most iPhones, take a look at yours, it will have your history), which is quietly judging me on the days I don’t get to 10,000 — the RDI.” 

Apple Health App

Becky Hanson, Community Manager

Get Krack!n

“The season finale of TV show Get Krack!n blew me away. I’d never watched the show before, but the recommendation from FW Academy founder Dr Katie Spearritt sent me searching for the episode online. Parts of the episode were interesting (hello, various human body parts!), but guest hosts Miranda Tapsell and Nakkiah Lui (who also co-wrote the episode) stole the show and delivered an unforgettable performance. As Tapsell said in her incredible monologue, “Thirty years of smiling, and making big eyes and not showing my anger. I’m done not being angry. I am angry. And if you don’t like me being angry, then by all means Australia, take my furious baton and run this race for me. Because we are dying in infancy, we are dying in custody, and we are dying decades earlier than you. And you should be as angry about that as I am.” 

Get Krack!n

Sophie Hunter, Designer


“Getting a surf in as soon as I’ve dropped my children at school is my top priority on my days off work. My fellow salt sisters and I make for a very loud, hilarious and supportive line up. Think lots of fist pumps and yelling words of encouragement to go for that bigger wave. We’ve been told that we can completely transform the energy out there on any given day – my girls warm my heart completely. This 6’4 board I use is brilliant. It was the perfect step up from a mini mal that I was just very comfortable with for years and years. Bring on the swell! Yewww.”

Modern Surfboards, Lovechild, $700-925