7 Gifts To Please People Who Are Impossible To Buy For

Enjoy our pick of gifts, brands and suggestions for even the trickiest of people on your shopping list.

By Venetia Vecellio


Enjoy our pick of gifts, brands and suggestions for even the trickiest of people on your shopping list.

By Venetia Vecellio

Every year without a doubt there is always at least one person who is impossible to buy for. 2020 has been stressful enough, the last thing you need is buyers’ regret when picking out gifts for your loved ones.

Whether it’s a colleague, family member or friend, we have you covered with these fail-proof gifts that anyone would love.

For the friend in need of pampering

Go-To Skincare

As the world seemingly becomes obsessed with skincare, why not indulge your friend with some absolutely delightful skincare from one of our favourites, Go-To? Not only are they lovely to use, but they’re also cruelty-free and carbon neutral, so you can feel as good buying them as your friend will feel using them. Their Fancy Face Nourishing Oil Cleanser is a winner.

Go-To Skincare from $9.00 to $72.00

For the foodie

UberEats Giftcard

Is there anything better than finishing a long day of work, parking yourself in front of the TV and ordering your favourite takeaway? Turns out there is, it’s called an UberEats gift card. If you’re struggling to work out what to get for a friend, work colleague or family member, why not treat them to their favourite takeout? 

UberEats Gift Card 

For the art lover

A night away

We know, a night away is a foriegn concept to many of us right now, but it turns out having a lovely night (or few) in a gorgeous hotel is absolutely a thing you can still do. Art Series Accommodation in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are inspired by contemporary Australian artists, with each hotel uniquely curated for a once in a lifetime opportunity. All of the hotels are bustling with gorgeous art, galleries, art tours and even art supplies if you’re feeling really inspired. 

Art Series Accommodation

For the tea lover

World of Tea: Tea Bag Advent Calendar

We are firm believers that advent calendars are a necessity for people of all ages, not just children. There’s something so simple yet so rewarding about opening those little doors each day and being rewarded with a gift. The World of Tea advent calendar is the perfect gift for your favourite tea-loving friend.

World of Tea: Tea Bag Advent Calendar $40.00

For the outdoors lover

Anything from The Beach People

Get your loved ones ready for summer and buy them a beautiful beach towel from The Beach People. Designed in Australia, Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie design their towels with the finest fabrics. Fabrics that feel good, look good and are good for the environment. What else can you ask for? Their round towels are a classic, once you feel them you’ll know why. Maybe buy one for yourself too. 

The Beach People with gifts from $19.95 to $389.00

For everyone

Sushi Go!

This cult sushi-themed card game is fast-paced and perfect for almost every occasion. Plus, it’s not just for the kids. Compact and easy to take with you on family trips, it’s a perfect holiday present to break out on long summer nights. 

Sushi Go! $25.00

For the person who needs a lazy morning


Everyone sleeps, but not everyone buys themselves nice sleepwear. There is absolutely nothing better than having a beautiful pair of pyjamas to spend your Sunday morning in. Or a robe to float around your living room in. Sussan has a plethora of choices, so there’s something for everyone, even the hard to buy for. With plenty of colourful robes to choose from, who wouldn’t like to feel that good going to sleep?

Sleepwear from Sussan from $19.95 to $79.95

Need some more gifting options? We’ve got you covered. Here, you can find books to gift this holiday season and a list of gifts that give back.