Studio Session: The Problem With Women and Power

By Future Women


By Future Women


Executive Director at Women on Boards 
Claire Braund

Nine CEO 
Hugh Marks

Olympic Rower and Management Consultant at Ernst and Young
Kim Brennan

Professor, UTS Jumbunna
Nareen Young 

 We know diversity in business leads to higher returns and can lead to better decision-making, yet in order to rise to the top of their field, we’re still telling women to act more like men. In this panel we tackled big issues around what it really means when women are in positions of power.

Power is a contentious topic when it’s thrown in the mix with women. Our host Jamila Rizvi opened the discussion with some frankly staggering statistics. Although they’re likely burned into your brains, here’s a recap:

• The pay gap is at 15-16 per cent but for some industries it’s more than double this
• There are more men called Andrew running ASX 200 companies than women
• The average wage of an Australian woman peaks at 31. For men, their peak is a decade later
• 40 per cent of single, retired women over 65 live below the poverty line

Special thanks to our hosts WeWork and Underground Spirits for the “Red Rosa” gin cocktails – in homage to history-making Rosa Parks.


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